Ilustración. Kindling de REBECA CUBILLO.

Ilustración. Kindling de REBECA CUBILLO

Ilustración compartida desde Querétaro (MÉXICO).



Since I was a little girl my grandfather didn't stop feeding my imagination and love for art. As I grew up I began to fell even more in love with it, mainly when I discovered how it could be mixed with Graphic Design in any way. I took other paths before this happened, I chose Industrial Design as my first mayor, then Fashion Design and my last and best decision was Graphic Design. I started my careen in Universidad del Valle de México, at Querétaro, but It wasn't until I transfered to Santa Fe University of Art and Design that the real love began.

I'm back in Mexico again, working as a freenlacer and doing my best to be able to graduate and stop struggling with this economic crisis my country and many others are having.

Location: Querétaro (MÉXICO)
Category: Illustration
Working interests: Graphic design
Specialism: Illustration
Mode: Freelance
Experience level: Profesional


I don't know yet how to describe my style in a concise way, because I love experimenting with different tools and materials and I try not to repeat myself that much in every design. But what I can say is that I love clean vs. caotic, I love using warm colors, feeling textures just by looking at them and being bold.


Ilustración de REBECA CUBILLO.

This Image was made for our KINDLING newspaper in Santa Fe University of Art and design. Its Inspired on my grandfather and how my imagination is constantly producing something.

Tech and tools: I used brown micron pens, my sketchbook, and then Photoshop. I tried to create this old image technique used for illustrations, using mainly dots and lines, like pointillism, but now quite there.


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Ilustración de REBECA CUBILLO.
Ilustración de REBECA CUBILLO.
Ilustración de REBECA CUBILLO.
Ilustración de REBECA CUBILLO.
Ilustración de REBECA CUBILLO.

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