Ilustración y arte digital. Zephirus de EMI HAZE

Ilustración y arte digital. Zephirus de EMI HAZE

Ilustración compartida desde Monfalcone (ITALIA)



I'm graduated from the Institute of Design in Verona with a degree in Graphic Design
and Advertising Design.

I’m 30, I live in the north-east of Italy and my huge passion is digital art.

Art and painting connected to technology have always been my strongest passions.

People think I am calm, quiet, sometimes introvert, really creative, inspired and perfectionist.

In my opinion everything in every moment has an artistic side, the aesthetics of things, people around me...

For me everything has its own importance, images, textures, sounds, fragrances, my creativity is costantly stimulated.

I currently work as freelance and in the last years I focused on personal projects and creations in order to build, my own wide portfolio that could distinguish me both in style, technique and creativity.

Ubication: Monfalcone (ITALY)
Category: Illustration
Working interests: Illustration
Specialism: Digital Arts
Mode: Freelance
Experience level: Profesional


In my recent works I tried to merge the human body with nature or rather with the four elements of fire, air, water and earth, and even with a fifth esoteric element: the Aristotelian ether, that includes all the others, the essence of celestial bodies, eternal and unchangeable in comparison with the earth as a place of change.

The result is the vision of my imaginative world hanging between reality and fantasy, dream and utopia and in which color and sensitivity have the predominant role.


Ilustración de EMI HAZE

Piles of tree branches, clouds forming hair, faces that melt with air and sky, human silhouettes that arise from expanses of earth and roots...

In my works the human being melts with nature and its four elements to give birth to my inner world, ethereal and imaginative, hanging in balance between reality and fantasy.

An armony that bonds man and nature in a perfect way and which unfortunatly nowadays seems to be an utopia.

Tech and tools: Photoshop is the software I prefer to conceive my works, in which I also include the digital version of hand-made elements, such as scratches and ink marks, acrylic or watercolor stains. The outcome is technically always appealing and intriguing.


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Ilustración de EMI HAZE
Ilustración de EMI HAZE
Ilustración de EMI HAZE
Ilustración de EMI HAZE
Ilustración de EMI HAZE

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